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‘The Pakineur’, an entrepreneurial digital magazine was launched by SEED on February 17 with a strong focus on highlighting the journeys, achievements, hurdles and success stories of entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

A ‘Book Launch’ will be held by FK Squared at Liberty Books B.B.Q. Tonite Store, Karachi, in April.

Pre-assessment sessions and trainings by Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy (PEMS) team, for grass-root entrepreneurs start at local garden centres in Karachi.

‘Startup Dosti’ has been completed and the contestants from India and Pakistan have been shortlisted. For further updates check

Reimagining Pakistan (RPK), is a heritage preservation initiative by SEED that originated from Reimagining Karachi, and has now evolved into a pan-Pakistan initiative.

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Faraz Khan Quotes
‘Tis more to trade and life you see,
Than live and give,
And learn and earn,
The truth within,
I must discern,
The greater good,
I must reveal,
Rebuild, relearn and redefine,
The entrepreneurship paradigm

By: The Social EntrePakineur
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